Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Huda Beauty Eyes & Lip Pencils

When it comes to the brand Huda Beauty, with other highend cosmetics  brand, we all know what it takes to keep few items in our vanity. In little time it has gained tremendous  amount of fan following and many bloggers and youtubers flaunt their makeovers with atleast one cosmetic item from this brand.
As you can see above, i have managed to keep a whole bunch of pencil collection in no time, which is going to be amazing for many of you.
But if you are a true makeup freak, it won't take you long to recognise them as fakes.
Huda Beauty has not introduced any of such product. These pencils are fake with HudaBeauty brand name. Recently i visited the local market and foun them very appealing because of the outstanding color payoff and quality. Though i have always reviewed originals but recently my few fake purchases made me worth sharing with you.

These pencils stay longer and i found them very easy to apply because of their creamy structure.
I got 12 pencils in 1000 Pkr.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

2019 Winter wedding trends in Pakistan

This year started with a lot of new trends and styles. On one hand velvet stuff has taken over all stores in this chilled weather, net material can also be seen with variety of styles.


This year a new fabric (in Pakistan)has hit the market and it has gained popularity in a very short span of time. This fabric is called MASOORI which is a shiny moonlight kind of stuff with golden glittery sparkle.

This stuff is being used these days for all kinds of embroidery work and designing. As this stuff has sparkling shine to it, its ideal for parties and wedding wear. You can find both unstitched and ready to wear dresses made with Masoori.
Nowadays masoori shirts are in withh very reasonable price of around 1200 Pkr, with tilla and sequence work.

You can match your shirts with Masoori trousers and plazo.


Now let's talk about another all time favourite material which is Valvet. As we know its not new to us. We have been seeing this since we were very young. In those old days, valvet always accompanied dapka, sitara and stones.
This year Velvet has hit the market as Velvet Shawls.
Velvet shawls have taken over the market. Its available in a lot of color varieties and embroidery. Some designers introduced this trend to market and then later its copies have been made by manufacturers in low to medium quality. As this stuff is not new and available in bulk so this shawl can be customised according to your wish.

These shawls go so well with light colored party wear.

You can see these shawls even on brides and grooms. Brides are wearing these in contrast to their dresses mostly in maroon and reds. Grooms are matching them with the embroidery on their sherwani.

Velvet shirts are also back with some tilla and sequence work in a minimal price.

As far as price of velvet stuff is concerned, it all depends on the quality of velvet. The finer and silky the velvet is the higher the price will be. Designers are using fine quality of velvet and charging hefty. While other regular manufacturers are making an acceptable quality in very reasonable price. Velvet shawls and shirts are around 2500pkr.


If you think that this chilled weather has cost women to wear velvet and masoori only, than you are wrong. This year you will see net, actually allllot of net.
So what's new this year? This year net has been introduced as a totally new concept. We have worn net with sequence, tilla, stones, gems, dapka cori and what not. But this time its in th market with 3D designing. 3D designing is actually something which you can see  has fixed over the fabric separately. Be it flowers, pearls or embroidery. It gives a beautiful look to any dress. This designing comes with a properly made border. This fabric is actually costly per yard.

You can make gowns, maxis, frocks, peplum or simple shirts. This fabric will look super cool in every way.
Another trend in net this year is Net dupatta. You will find so many net dupatta in a variety of styles.
Mostly net dupatta are available with gotta work and being sold in a cheaper price of 400 almost. If you go for a heavy dupatta and work then th price will increase accordingly. People are matching these dupattas with masoori shirts as well as other stuff.
They are available in all possible colors.

Some styles are even above 2 thousand pkr.

Another style which is very new in the market and came only a week earlier this month. Its a net shirt and dupatta fabric with stone work. They have made a beautiful neck design and border with stones and tilla work. I couldn't take picture in the market as it was overly crowded. The price was very reasonable approximately 2500pkr.


This year you will see gotta in trend which  was always a part of our wedding preparations. You can see gotta net dupattas, gotta shirts and lehngas.


This year i can see stores full with dori work. Mostly replicas are made with dori work. Dori work gives a very thick and heavy work look to any dress. It makes dress so beautiful. Dori work makes dresses more pretty when accompanied with sequence and stones work.


Block prints lehnga are in trend from last year and have been worn by many celebs. These lehnga were so royal when they first came out. These lehngas have golden block prints with some pearls sticked allover the prints. They come in different colors and designs. It has a layer of can-can underneath which gives these lehngas super volume and flare.

They are around 7 thousands Pkr.
Now this block  print can be seen in the form of long maxis and peplum aswell.
I have seen another variety of this lehnga being introduced in the market recently. Instead of block print those lehngas were painted as well as fully embroidered which were around 12k Pkr.

So that was my detailed winter wedding wear exploration.
Weather changes so are trends. In a couple of weeks summer is going to change current trends and fabric.
My detailed market search tells that there is everything for for every kind of people. In a same style you can get low cost as well as high priced material. If you take events a matter of happiness rather a time to show off, than believe me you can all dolled up in low cost material too. Just spend wisely and look for something in trend.
    "After all happiness is all that matters"