Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Native

As many of you know how highlighters and blushes have become a must have for every girl. No makeup is complete without highlighter. So when its a must have then the question is "which one to choose?"
From past 2 years i'm hunting for a best highlighter which is ideal for my skin tone and skin type. This hunt has brought me a huge pile of highlighters which i'm going to review one by one.
So, i began my best highlighter journey with this palette. Its UD Naked Flushed in  shade "Native".
Let's dig into some product detail then i'll give my final verdict.

What Company Says About The Product:

Bronze. Glow. Blush. Get Naked and FLUSHED in no time with our hot (and highly coveted) threesome. These shades diffuse light as they enhance and perfect, giving your skin a fresh, glowy look—even when your late-night antics have you feeling otherwise. But how you get Naked is up to you. Use these SILKY pressed powders individually or blend them together to create ju…

HengFang Mini Lipsticks

HengFang is one of the cheap makeup brands in Pakistan. You can find this brand in many beauty sites online and in stores. There was a time when we could see many copies of huda lipsticks and huda liquid matte. Every other brand was then came up with dupes.  Nowadays, we can see Miss Rose and HengFang taking over the Pakistani market.  HengFang glitter eyeliners, glitter eye shadows and lip tints are few of the most famous makeup products in Pakistan.  Now hengFang has come up with mini lipsticks set. There are 2 variants of these lipsticks. One has pinks and reds and other one is nude. Each set has 6 mini lipsticks and these comes in a small case.  Let's talk about the packaging.

The box is a hard plastic with HangFang printed on it.

On the other side of the box you can see which shades are you going to get in this particular box with the shade names. As these names are written in Chinese so we hardly know what the shade would be called. But worry not! each lipstick has a number mention…

Create your own Lip Palette

I was very upset when my baby broke my favorite lipsticks in a jiff. I was looking for a way to fix them so they can be made usable again. Then i came along with an idea of DIY lip palette where i could be able to not only fix the broken lipsticks but also putting all of them in a handy single palette which was super cool. So, i ordered an empty palette from dessert-cart and planned to create my own palette. If you are in Pakistan then you can get empty palettes from Daraz or from alibaba too.
So the things which we need to make our own lip palettes are:
Along with an empty palette we need a candle, scissors and a tweezers.  First of all with the help of the tweezers take out the pans from the palette.
Now take your favorite lipsticks and place it on the pan. 

Place the pan on the scissors and heat it on the candle.

Once the lipstick is all melted, keep the pan aside to let it get cold and set nicely.

One by one melt all the shades with the same method and allow them to rest and set.

I felt so…

Miss Rose 2 in 1 Lipstick

I'm here again with another Miss Rose product review. As i told in my previous post, its a brand which has taken over the Pakistani market these days. Its one of the best selling makeup products in Pakistan. Not only because its cheaper as compared to other high end brands but it gives you the nearest similar quality.I heard very good reviews about its dual lipstick so i ordered few when i last came to Pakistan in 2019. There were many color choices so after the swatches i ordered 9 shades of them in a deal.Packaging:

If i talk about the packaging, these lipsticks won't come with a box. These were nicely sealed in plastic wrap.Its in plastic body from outside and from inside its a steel container.
As its a double sided lipstick,so you get lipstick on one side and lip liner on the other side.

Texture:The texture of these lipstick is on moisturizing side but not greasy. Few shades were on drying side too. Very easy to apply.Its fragrance free but not transfer proof. Out of…

Flormar Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencils

Flormar was founded in Milan but its all production take place in Turkey. This brand has gained popularity in Pakistan recently for their outstanding colorful eye pencils. Many sellers were selling these eye pencils costly when they were first introduced in the local markets.  I was previously using the traditional wooden sharpable eye pencils which could be equally use on lips. Of them all, i love my Urban Decay's 24-hours Glide-on pencils.  When i saw these Flormar pencil it looked similar to those UD pencils in appearance and soft lead. So, i thought to give them a try.

I got a ful box which has 12 pencils inside.

You get every pretty color in this box but i used few of them more frequently then others like black, white, golden, teal and blue. My daughter loves to put the blue and teal pencil on her eyes. Eventhough they put every practicle color inside one box still i feel the need of a silver pencil.  These are actually metallic/glittery shades and go perfectly with party dresses. …

Miss Rose 24 Hours Long Lasting Eyebrow Pencil

Miss Rose is one of the most trending makeup products in Pakistan. These days i'm also in love with these products. So, i bought this Eyebrow gel pencil which is 2 in 1. On one side you get a gel twistable pencil and on other side the spoolie brush. This pencil comes in 5 different shades which are:
# 2 Lightest Brown # 3  Medium Brown # 4 Black # 5 Greyish Black # 6 Brownish Black
There is nothing written on the box or pencil which tells you about the shade of the pencil except the numbring. So check all the shades out before buying and get the one which best suits you.

I got the shade # 3 which is medium brown. Since, i already have thick eyebrows so im using this number to shade in the starting point of my brows and a little bit of reshaping.

If we talk about the packaging, its like other Miss Rose products, best in quality. On both sides of the pencil it's mentioned that which side is for brush and which one is for pencil. The quality of brush is very good.  You have to twist the pen…

Huda Beauty Eyes & Lip Pencils

When it comes to the brand Huda Beauty, with other highend cosmetics  brand, we all know what it takes to keep few items in our vanity. In little time it has gained tremendous  amount of fan following and many bloggers and youtubers flaunt their makeovers with atleast one cosmetic item from this brand.
As you can see above, i have managed to keep a whole bunch of pencil collection in no time, which is going to be amazing for many of you.
But if you are a true makeup freak, it won't take you long to recognise them as fakes.
Huda Beauty has not introduced any of such product. These pencils are fake with HudaBeauty brand name. Recently i visited the local market and foun them very appealing because of the outstanding color payoff and quality. Though i have always reviewed originals but recently my few fake purchases made me worth sharing with you.

These pencils stay longer and i found them very easy to apply because of their creamy structure.
I got 12 pencils in 1000 Pkr.

2019 Winter wedding trends in Pakistan

This year started with a lot of new trends and styles. On one hand velvet stuff has taken over all stores in this chilled weather, net material can also be seen with variety of styles.


This year a new fabric (in Pakistan)has hit the market and it has gained popularity in a very short span of time. This fabric is called MASOORI which is a shiny moonlight kind of stuff with golden glittery sparkle.

This stuff is being used these days for all kinds of embroidery work and designing. As this stuff has sparkling shine to it, its ideal for parties and wedding wear. You can find both unstitched and ready to wear dresses made with Masoori.
Nowadays masoori shirts are in withh very reasonable price of around 1200 Pkr, with tilla and sequence work.

You can match your shirts with Masoori trousers and plazo.


Now let's talk about another all time favourite material which is Valvet. As we know its not new to us. We have been seeing this since we were very young. In tho…