Saturday, 11 April 2015

Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness Cream

Though i don't use fairness creams more frequently but still i thought of giving it a try as soon as i saw it in promotion. When first i applied it on my hand it gave instant color changing result. One can clearly see see the before and after application difference. I bought it with no second thought.


  • This cream is really good if you are using it as a makeup base. It works well if you are applying any base on it
  • It also works well if you are using it alone with ant face powder
  • For everyday use this cream is good and convenient without any greasy or shiny look

  • One of the major drawback of this cream is it lacks spf which is sun protecting factor and one can not imagine goin in sun without any spf on but its latest version is with spf so this problem is solved
  • The other major issue is that it makes your skin flaky and patchy. It doesn't blend deep in the skin as it doesn't have moisturizing property but if you apply and good face powder afterwards so you can hide all patches
  • If you are in hot humid climate and you sweat allot then this cream is not for you as with sweating it will wash away and your face will give patchy look


 So overall this cream is good with pleasant smell and texture but its non absorbing properties makes it a nay for me

Will i buy it next time
May be No

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