Thursday, 2 April 2015

POND'S age defense (over night Replenishing Cream)

 Though my night cream was working pretty good but still i wanted to try something budget friendly. So i bought this age defense cream.
On first few days i tried it but felt it little greasy and heavy on my skin and i stopped using it and continued with my old night cream.When my night cream went empty i thought of giving it another try so i took it out of my drawer and started using it again. As this time i had previous experience with this enriched cream i decided to apply very less of it. I took out smaller portion and rubbed it allover my face. I gently massaged all my face n neck. After finishing my skin was not looking greasy at all. And i wasn't feeling heavy or like my skin is suffocating...
The only thing i experienced is that this cream with such rich texture should be applied in lesser quantity so that it can easily be well absorbed into skin.
In morning when i woke up my face was not oily at all. That was something strange happened. Normally when i don't apply anything at night but in the morning i still get oil on my face.
But as this cream had rich texture still in morning my face was dry like my skin was really thirsty and absorbed every bit of cream. I did not notice any breakout after using for a week.

What's Company Say about it

  • Increases skin's natural protection against the leading cause of skin ageing.
  • Visibly illuminates skin by reducing dullness and discoloration
  • Helps to protect skin from age acceleration
  • Minimizes the look of the lines and wrinkles

Let's have a close look to the texture

It comes in a glass tub which is somewhat unhygienic, for me pump is the best way to keep creams germs free

Look how thick and rich cream it is
When you massage it on skin it will give you a thick layer which first seems very difficult to get absorbed into the skin but its lesser amount works very well in absorbing point of view

When its totally gone into skin will not give you a matte finish but will give little shine.As i told earlier i love the cream only when i apply it in less quantity.

It does not give you sticky or heavy face in which you feel uncomfortable
For normal to dry skin people this is the best enriched thick cream but for oily skin its good
One thing i noticed that when i get out of bed in the morning i always felt that this cream has went deep inside my skin and it left its richness in my skin.Always i felt my skin healthy.



In UAE  31.75dhs for 50ml

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