Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Olay total effects 7 (moisteriser+serum duo)

We have heared so mant times that moisturising our skin is as much important as drinking water for our body. So they say moisteriser is what our skin is thirsty for. There are lot n lot of options available in the market but the problem comes when you try different brands but u never get what Suits your skin.
I had lots of brands but never got what i needed. But finally i found one moisteriser which was miraculously effective and suited my combination skin type. That was olay essentials double action moisterising gel. Experts says gel products are suitable for oily and acne prone skin and it worked for me. I used that for almost 2 years. It was the best moisteriser i ever had. I will come up with its reviews soon.
Then i switched to a new moisteriser just because i needed somthing which gives my skin some extra treats. I had allot of positive reviews about olay's 7 effects range but i never went for it. As they advertise this is an age deffence range so everyone thinks twice before going for it. We have misconceptions of using age deffence products only when we are really old. when we are aged and our skin is ful of wrinkles and freckles then why would we need any deffence? Once the demage has occurred we can't do anything. So we should start using age deffence products in early 20's to prepare our skin for later physiological alterations. We can't stop aging but surly we Can delay it.
Let's come to the original post :)
This moisteriser plus serum duo will not only moisterise but also nourishes and heal your skin

What company says
It fights against 7 signs of aging which include

1. Lines and wrinkles
2. Loss of firmness
3. Visible pores
4. Uneven tone
5. Dryness
6. Dullness
7. Uneven skin texture


Fortunately this moisteriser comes in hygienic pump so it lacks any negetive review for packaging
One pump is more then enough for one time use

Texture of the product
This moisteriser has thick texture.
for oily or combination skin only pea size quantity works well

As u can see how rich and thick consistency it has

After blending this moisteriser it will give little shine on face. If you take small amount and massage well then it will sink inside skin but for oily skin people it will start shininng after few hours. But if you use any face powder afterwards then it will work best.

My experience with the product
i felt this moisteriser a must for me because after using one whole pump i felt my skin healthy and nourished
This moisteriser also has serum so my skin has started glowing
As this is a moisteriser so if you are expecting any miraculous fairness then this product isnt for you. After using whole pump i didn't felt any drasting changes in my skin tone but yes it did work on my flaws and my spots
I loved it because it is giving me what i want for my daily routine
a moisteriser cum serum cum SPF
its SPF 20 makes this all in one
It also works well as makeup base

  Pros of product

  • Moisterises skin and healing it at the same time
  • SPF 20
  • budget friendly as used in small portion
Cons of product

  • Little greasy effect after sometime But with face powder it works great
My verdict

This moisteriser is working really good and proves what it says

Value for money


Shall i buy it in future?

yes i will

Price in UAE

arround 55 AED

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