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OlAy White Radiance Fairness Night Restoring Moisteriser

So here i'm again with another night cream review
OlAy White Radiance Fairness Night Restoring Moisturizer is my second night cream from Olay white radiance range.One of my friend been using few products from white radiance range and was quite happy with the results.
Let's see what Olay Company say about this cream then i will give my verdict on this.

Product Information

After a whole day of challenges from the environment, your skin becomes dull, rough, dry, dark and damaged; far from perfect fairness. By evening, it needs to be repaired, nourished and rejuvenated in order to reveal its radiant fairness again.

White Radiance Night Restoring Cream contains ingredients to revitalize, repair and nourish the skin. It enhances the overall well-being of the skin and lightens the skin tone from within.

• Provides whitening repair (evening out skin tone) at night
• Nourishes the skin for better texture, clarity and glowing radiance
• Revitalizes skin to reveal the fairness of inner skin
• Long-lasting hydrating effect

Olay White Radiance has anti-yellowing properties that re-create the balance of skin tone and give you water-like, translucent, fair skin. The natural whitening ingredients in White Radiance penetrate deep into your skin to deter the production and deposit of melanin, effectively lightening pigments, changing your skin tone from the inside out.

White Radiance also works to protect your skin from environmental pollutants. It contains nutrients that penetrate deep into the skin to energize cells and enhance their metabolic rate, making your skin radiate from within.

Its Triple Efficacy Whitening Formula containing Vitamin B3, Mulberry extract and Vitamin C is the natural way to beautiful, translucent skin.

Vitamin B3
The effectiveness of Vitamin B3 in deterring the transfer of melanin up to the epidermis has been proven. It enhances epidermis cell renewal and the composition of skin collagen and energizes aged cells by accelerating metabolic rate, which helps fight the appearance of the multiple signs of ageing.

Mulberry Extract
Deterring tyrosine can effectively reduce the production of melanin. Mulberry extract is a kind of substance that can repress the activation of Tyrosine in order to prevent the production of melanin.

Vitamin C
The combination of Vitamin B3, mulberry extract and Vitamin C can offer an effective function in deterring the production and transfer of melanin up to the epidermis, decomposing formed melanin and enhancing skin renewal. Clear, whitened skin is the result.

Packaging Information

When i opened the box for the very first time i was very excited to see the glass jar somewhat like  luxury shiny cute tub. It was quite heavy but cute. The only drawback of such tubs are that they are not hygienically fit as you have to dip your finger to take out the cream and you might transfer some microbes into it. Nowadays pump bottles are a big hit as they are safest option.

After opening the plastic chrome cap there is another plastic airtight lid to place the cream in the tub without any mess. But when i opened the chrome lid there was some liquid around the plastic airtight lid which was may be due to extreme hot weather of Dubai. But this plastic airtight lid had kept the cream in place.

Cream has a light fruity scent. According to my little daughter its strawberry like smell. You can say its little fruity smell but very very mild and after applying it totally goes away.

As i have very oily skin i always choose water based skin care products. In case if you don't know the difference between water and oil based cream let me tell you inshort.
There are two types of moisturizer 1. water based and 2. oil based
There is not a much difference water based moisturizer will have water written as a first ingredient in the ingredients list and oil based will have oil as primary ingredients. Rest of the ingredients may be same but primary will be different. 
Water based are very light to skin and are for long term. They will not even clog the pores
so i always prefer water based skin care products.
So as u can see the amount of cream on my hand seems thin and as compared to my previous night cream from olay its even more transparent after massaging.

When you start massaging it onto your skin its consistency converts from opaque to transparent. It completely disappears and absorbs into skin. Just like a perfect moisturizer it doesn't feel like you have applied something on your outer skin it will be absorbed completely and will not at all feel heavy.

As you can see it has gone disappeared completely and there are no traces of oil or no shine u will find. This is what a water based moisturizer should look like after massaging.

My Verdict on This

After using Olay essentials complete night cream, i can say this is anyhow a better formulation. It has the same benefits of my previous night cream but with some new added benefits like Vit E, Vit C and  Mulberry extracts. So definitely it will give much better added benefits then that one.
Whenever i applied it i always felt healthy skin in the morning. I never felt shiny or greasy face.
I haven't felt any drastic change in my skin tone yet, after using almost half jar. But it has definitely helped my skin to heal as i have previously gone through a bad sun exposure. But i may hope it will work much more better after finishing atleast one jar.

Will I Buy It Again

May be, may be not
because i love to try some new products with time to time


Price in UAE

Its availble in all stores, malls
50gms for 56 dhs

How To Use

Apply White Radiance Fairness Night Restoring Cream every night by massaging over cleansed face and neck

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