Monday, 31 August 2015

Coastal Scents 32 Lip Palette

Hi everyone
I'm here again with my latest review.
My today's products for review is "Coastal Scents 32 Lip Palette"
Hmm.. so few days before i did my Coastal Scents Shopping Haul. I bought allot of items from their original website from USA and that was my birthday gift from my hubby :)
You will get all reviews by  the time so let's start with '32 Lip Palette'.

Few Words Coastal Scents

Live, laugh and love with lovely lips! Whatever your coloring, fashion or mood—enjoy thirty-two long-lasting lip shades in one palette to achieve lip color bliss. From sheer and shiny to neutral and natural or dramatically bold, this lip palette sleekly houses a color range perfect for custom blending to achieve that ideal shade. Think of it as your one-stop-shop for endless lovely lips!


Well the packaging of Coastal Scents all products are very simple and there is nothing to be excited about. They are simply black matte kind of plastic cases and this palette is without any mirror.

The good thing is you can see all the ingredients on the back of the case and many of its dupes lack this.


Some shades looks quite similar to each other but still we have allot of variety to enjoy :)

My Experience With The Product

First of all i just loved this palette because it has so many colors and all are practical ones. I have tried few colors and they looks great on lips. They are not so glossy as they seem to be but are towards matte finish.
In this palettes we have nudes, pinks, mauve and reds. mostly shades are creamy and few are shimmery.



Available at souq in 135dhs to buy click here
I ordered mine from Coastal Scents Original site from USA
14.95 dollars to buy click here


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