Thursday, 13 August 2015

Mikyajy Matte Mania Eye Palette

I have some collection of eye palettes so i decided to review them one by one
Let's begin with my Mikyajy Matte Mania palette
Hmmm.. so this is my first eye palette which i bought and i have used it a couple of times. The reason why i didn't use it quite often is its low color payoff.
When i first saw this palette at Mikyajy store i was quite impressed with its so bright and vibrant color selection. I was looking for my regular use so i needed something matte already. At store i checked each shade n they turned quite bright. I thought with primer and good eye base they will be more visible. But unfortunately i did not find them worth buying.
I always wanted to buy one of Mikyajy palette just because of their damn cute printed designs on the palettes. I thought it will be very injustice to avoid such a cute palette. So i started with this Matte Mania

Let me show you some swatches

without primer and eye base
As you can see the color payoff is just ok. The shades which i have checked with black are the brightest shades and the color shown here are get by only one stroke. For other shades i just swiped almost three times to get this result but the black ticks are after single stroke.

Packaging Information

As i told earlier i loved Mikayajy palettes for their overall look and this is what attracted me to buy one :)
This palette is without box as all information is written on the back of the palette

When you open the palette you will find 22 pretty vibrant shades, 1 large mirror and 2 applicators. All the shades are covered with a plastic sheet to avoid mixing of shades and to keep the mirror clean.

My Overall Verdict
Well! I love this palette because it was my first palette, its pretty and sleek and some shades like black and blues are the ones which i use most of the time, from this palette. Other than that i did not like this palette because of its low color payoff and its very difficult to blend these shades. A cute palette for collection.

Value for Money

Nay! not at all worth buying if you are looking for some serious eye shades.

Price in UAE

Its in 99 Aed ahh! :(

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