Wednesday, 5 August 2015

What is Mineral Makeup?

What is Mineral Makeup

Conventional makeup contains many of the same elements as mineral makeup, it only differs in some ingredients which mineral makeup leaves out. It generally does not contain talc, parabens, fragrance, preservatives, oils, waxes and other chemicals. They have longer shelf life and gives you sheer to medium and if applied correctly, full coverage. It binds to oil rather water hence gives water resistance.

Mineral based formulas are little safe than oil based makeup because it adheres to our skin's natural oil and doesn't clog pores. They let our skin breath and still provide protection.
True mineral makeup must have iron oxides, titanium dioxide and mica.
Another great benefit of mineral based makeup for me is that, they have a very long shelf life. People like me who doesn't like to wear foundation everyday, we don't need to worry about the expiration of our expensive makeup. This is possible just because mineral based makeup doesn't contain preservatives, additives or fillers. Since it doesn't have any organic material so they can rarely harbor bacteria.
One more thing which i would like to mention is that mineral makeup do contain mica instead of talc. Talc is also a mineral and is almost used in all makeup as primary ingredient. It gives soft to touch character to any makeup but its very cheap filler. On the other hand mica has incredible adherence properties and can stick better.
The only thing is to find a perfect shade and texture. I found loose powder little messy to go with but its compact version is very easy to use.

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