Saturday, 28 May 2016

Beauty's Glitter Mousse Platte 2 By RDizz

I'm so so so excited to give a review on my most beloved glitter palette ever. As you guyz have seen my previous review on Nyx Glitter Cream Palette ,which was a totally disappointing experience for me. I'm not a loose glitter fan so never tried any loose glitter. Few weeks ago saw a review on Mousse glitter palettes by some FB members and i was totally speechless. The results were awesome and i urged to try one but there was no option as this is a Pakistan based product.

Fortunately few days ago saw a post that a famous known makeup artist in uae PerniaZ MUA announced the retailing of this glitters and i couldn't resist and ordered one.
The results are as expected .... tremendous!
There are 3 palettes in this mouse glitters with allot of Golds, Blues, Silvers and Purples. I ordered Palette 2 which is a combination of very soft shades.
I have swacthed them on my hand and there was no limit of my excitement as i was swatching them.


My Verdict

I found these glitters as smooth as they can be. Once you start application they will give you a smooth, patchy-less coverage. As compared to nyx its easy to blend and you can even buildup the intensity. As i applied it on hand i observed that its applicable without eye-shadow because its texture is too rich and coverage is full. You will not find any patch or gaps beneath.
Staying power is 6 to 8 hours but u need to spray makeup fixture after few hours.

Some of the Looks i created:


  • smooth application
  • full coverage
  • glue not needed
  • application without any fuss
  • buildable
  • longer staying power
  • water proof
  • chemicals free/natural ingredients


Staying Power

I tried to wipe it out with tissue and this is how it turned out. Its sticks to your skin so good that its not easily wpied off. As copared to my Nyx glitter which was easily wiped off with tissue.

Check out how amazing it looks!

How easily i swatched them check out


If you are in Pakistan thanyou can buy them on its official page
Beauty World
Pric: 900Rs almost

If you are in UAE than you can buy them from PerniaZ MUA
Price: 45 AED


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