Wednesday, 25 May 2016

NYX Glitter Cream Palette Review

So guyz I'm here with my another review after so long.
Today I'll talk about Nyx Glitter Cream Palette which i owned from past one year now. I had all the 7 palettes but now i have gifted 2 of them to my friend as she was interested in trying them.
When we talk about glitters we always get stuck with the idea of using glue and primers yet the messy ouutcomes. So got attarcted by these paletteas they were creamy so i thought to give it a try as they will be fuss free and easy too.
When i first tried one palette i was quite disappointed to see the result. They were not as good as they look in the palette. It's almost impossible to blend them and they crease allot. Extreamly poor staying power and falls off after almost 2 hours.
Let me show you the swatches one by one!

  • Bronz Goddess

  • Ice Queen

  • Royal Voilets

  • Ocean Breeze

  • Eden

You can see the patchy swatches which were looking more pretty when i swaped my finger into the palette but when swatched over hand they gave this patchy, uneven look.
I tried them on eyes allot of time with different techniques but all waned


  • U will get color variety
  • You can use them on body, lip, hair
  • Good for kids activities
  • No glitter glue or primer required
  • Poor pigmentation
  • Very less staying power
  • Fall off after some time
  • Difficult to blend
  • Will crease and spread
  • Patchy look
Availability & Price

You may find them on if you are in Uae and on Amazon for rest of the world.
35dhs each
I got in a deal and payed 75dhs for 7 palettes 😊

Overall verdict

If you are a serious makeup lover than this may not be for you but if you are a makeup junkie or have other technique to use them than they might work for you


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