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All you should know about Makeup Brushes

So today i'm going to talk about a most important tool used in makeup. Makeup brushes are the only makeup tools which has the ability to totally change the makeup game. Right brushes with right techniques will give you a flawless look but with wrong choice of brushes and wrong methodologies you can totally ruin your look.
I have been using makeup brushes since i learnt to apply makeup. For me "Eye looks" had always been a special place in my makeup looks. If you ask me, for me eye makeup is the main focus and passion in overall looks i create. I am so amused to see those tiny sponge spatulas with eye kits. I don't know who created them and what was the thinking behind. They are useless piece of junk and if you think you can apply your eye shadows with that junk than you are mistaken.
Today i'm going to give you a brief information about what are actually right brush for you to use on different areas of face, eyes lip and so on ....

Let's first talk about material of brushes which make it easy for us to categorize them according to their needs.


  1. Synthetic Brushes
  2. Natural Hair Brushes
Synthetic Brushes

As name indicates, they are made up of synthetic bristles. Unlike natural hair these bristles are made with nylon or plastic and to give it a natural hair look sometimes some brands do dye them. These brushes are cheaper as compared to natural hair and have less fall out.
If you talk about the usage of these brush then these brushes are useful for liquid or cream applications. As these are synthetic bristles so these bristles lack pores like natural hair. When we use these brushes for liquid and cream product application, we get the maximum product as the absorption is equal to zero.

Best used for

  • Liquid and cream concealers
  • Liquid and cream foundations
  • Cream contouring
  • Cream blushes
  • Eyeliner
  • Lipstick
and so on ...

Natural Hair Brushes

Natural hair brushes have bristles made from real hair of animals like goat, sheep, horse, squirrels and so on... These brushes are little more pricey then synthetic ones and are prone to shed more. They are more softer and are best to use for powdered products. As i said earlier natural hair has porous surface thus it can hold the product and give better payoff.

Best used for

  • Eyeshadows
  • Powder foundation
  • Mineral foundation
  • Blush
  • Powder contour
and so on ...

Let's discuss them separately!

Brushes for Eyes

As it's been told earlier that natural hair brush are best to use for pigments and powders . I got a 22 pieces brushes set from Coastal Scents which is a sister brand with Bh cosmetics. In my set i have a combination of natural and synthetic hair brushes. For eyes there are different brushes for different use but all comes with natural hair. These brushes are very soft and good for blending. I have been using them for 2 years now and still they are in perfect condition.

Brush 09 Blender Brush (Natural Hair)

This is a blending brush with little long hair bristles. I use this brush for blending out all the grids i create with my different shades. As it's natural hair so it blends out all color so gracefully. My most favorite blending brush.

Brush 08 Large Shadow Brush (Natural Hair)

I rarely use this one though it has a volume with little densely packed hair. It is good to be used as an overall shadow brush for lids. I use it to put my powder after concealer and for making a layer of base coat on my lids.

Brush 10 Doe Foot Blender (Natural Hair)

This is the brush which i use on above my crease. Due to its shape it makes it very easy to blend shadow over above the crease area which is almost on the brow bone side. I blend my crease shadow with this brush which gives a subtle and well blended look.

Brush 11 Dome Shadow Brush (Natural Hair)

This brush is best to use on brow bone to define a specific area and also for highlighting inner corners of the eyes. I also use it on my outer corners of the lid.

Brush 12 Dome Blender (Natural Hair)

This brush is for defining crease. Due to its shape it exactly leaves the color where we want it to. Its pointed from the tip so it creates a very defined crease with more color impact.

Brush 14 Detail Shadow Brush (Natural Hair)

Like brush 13 this brush is also used best for packing of shadow on lids but due to its small bristles it is more good to be used on tricky areas like inner side of the lids. It has dense yet delicately shapes bristles which does the job so neatly.

Brush 13 Medium Shadow Brush (Natural Hair)

This brush has bristles which are densely compact. It is used best for lids where we want to pack shadows and pigments. This brush nicely packs layers of pigments on the lids due to its texture and shape.

Brush 18 Brow Brush (Natural Hair)

This brush is one of its kind. Just like smudger this brush is best for buffing but for intense impact. This has very tiny and highly packed bristles. I sometimes use it to define my lower lash line.

Brush 19 Smudger Sponge (Rubber)

I rarely use this brush. This brush is good to be used to sudge liners. For smokey eyes this is a best smudger as the brush head is not like regular foam smudger. Its more towards hard side so it smudges very well.

Brush 17 Pointed Blender (Natural Hair)

I use this brush to blend my crease with the base shadow. It has a pointy head but very loosely packed bristles. So i never take any shadow on this brush otherwise it will spread everywhere. Its for blending out specific areas.

Brush 20 Large Liner/ Brow Brush (Synthetic)

This is a brush which is best for shaping brows. It makes a very defined outline with less efforts. It can also b used as liner brush but i never did.

Brush 21 Medium Liner/Brow Brush (Synthetic)

This brush is also good for defining brow shape but is used for more definition unlike brush 20. Also its good for gel liner application and makes a perfect wing.

Brush 22 Small Liner /Brow Brush (Synthetic)

This brush i use to draw hair line on my brows. As this brush is thin and draws a very thin line so it creates a very real look of hair on brows. Its also can be used for very thin application of liner.

Brushes For Face

For face we are mostly using synthetic brushes but it still depends upon the product we are using. As mostly people use liquid foundations so synthetic brushes are best for that but i use natural hair brush for mineral powder foundations.

Foundation Brush

Brush 04 Flat Buffer Brush (Synthetic)

This flat brush has thick densely packed bristles and flat top. These kind of brushes are best to use for flawless air brush kind effect. These brushes give a smooth seamless finish. They buffs out foundation so flawlessly and results are always amazing.
It is always good to first pour foundation on the back of the hand and then use it as much required. In this way the body heat makes the foundation warm and it mixes up with natural oil of the skin. So now the foundation have bristles resistance and it wont be pushed up in the bristles and will give maximum product payoff. Now dip the brush in the product and dab dab dab... on your face and then blend it with soft swirling and sweeping motion. A good quality brush would always have soft and dense bristles.

Brush 6 Foundation Brush (Natural hair)

The taped tip of this brush makes it easy to reach every corner of the face. Like paint brush paint your foundation on your face with this tapered brush in short downward and outward strokes. Then pat and dab to remove all the creases or lines formed. These kind of tapered brushes gives a full coverage with liquid and cream foundation. But i'm rarely using this brush for my foundation application as its made of natural bristles and will definitely soak a lot of product. But if you want a fuller coverage then these kind of tapered brushes are your thing but make it sure to look for synthetic bristles.
Personally i don't use this brush from my set and i also don't like to paint my face with a thick layer of foundation

Rounded Foundation Brush

google image
This kind of domed brush is very dense and thick and gives full coverage. Use this brush in circular motion for seamless application.

Brush 2 Duo Fiber Buffer (Synthetic + Natural)

This brush is good for liquid foundations as well as powder foundation. This is a duo fiber dense brush means its a soft blend of synthetic and goat hair. This brush is good to be used for powder or liquid foundations and pigments. It gives light to medium to  coverage.

Brush 03 Round Duo Fiber Brush (Synthetic + Natural)

This brush is good for blush and bronzer application.

Brush 05 Angle Brush (Natural)

This brush is ideal for accentuate bone structure. I use this brush for contouring all over my face.

Brush 01 Large Fan Brush (Synthetic)

This large fan brush is good for dusting away excess powders and shadow pigments fall outs. I use it to dust away excess powder after baking and after finishing my look i simply dust all over my face to clean any excess powder or hair fall out.

Brush F8 Fan Brush (Synthetic)

google image

This brush is very thin and has very soft fibers. I use this brush for highlighting my nose bridge, cupid's bow.

Brush 07 Concealer Brush (Synthetic)

This brush is just like tapered foundation brush. Its bristles are very tightly packed and has a broad tapered face. I use this brush for concealing large areas on cheeks or under eyes.

Brush 16 Detail Concealer Brush (Synthetic)

This brush is for concealing tricky areas where a broad brush cant reach like side of the nostrils, lips corner and acne spots.

Brush 15 Lip (Natural)

It's is a very thin brush and creates a very precise lip line. Its also good for filling in lips with shade.

My Rating to Coastal Scents 22 Pieces brushes Set

Synthetic Brushes from Makeup Revolution London

Shadow brush and smudger from FrontCover London

Small Precision and Tapered Brushes from BareMinerals

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