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Review on my recent purchase from Eastessence (Online Islamic Clothing Site)

So today I'm going to talk about something i really wanted for a long time now. I have been giving my reviews on makeup products since the day this site had been created. But my basic vision behind creating this site was to talk about style, clothing as well as makeup, hence i chose the name "Makeup with Style".
Now I'm going to write about my first styling/ clothing product which is none other then a famous "Islamic clothing site" "EASTESSENCE". This is my second purchase from this online clothing site and this time i ordered quite a few stuff which i'm going to show you after a while.

Let's first talk about Eastessence:
Eastessence is a California based site which delivers almost worldwide. They cater with Islamic Attire in almost every traditional as well as contemporary way possible. Be it Morrocon embroidery, Arabic styles of abayas, Indian stitching and designing, they will provide you every style you are looking for in a modest way possible.
I remembed when i first ordered back in 2011 they have more of a cotton stuff but now in 2017 they have more variety and replaced most of the cotton styles with Kashibo fabric, which is more durable.

As i ordered before and i was in thier email subscribers list so i was receiving their email on and off quite oftenly about sales, offers, new designs etc.
These days i was looking for some Abayas different from the rest which are available in the local market, i recieved an email of "Buy 3 and Get 2 free". That was it 😊 i jumped to the site and chose few styles. After 150$ the shipment was free for UAE, so i availed this offer.
Before further takiing about my shopping let me tell you something about the material which is being used these day "Kashibo".

What is kashibo Fabric
Kashibo is a polyester fabric and is being used by many fabric companies. This was my first encounter with this material so i further googled about this material before buying.
As i said earlier that when i ordered in 2011 that time  Eastessence mainly dealt with cotton but now its mostly kashibo dominating.
These days many clothing companies are replacing cotton with kashibo because kashibo has shown some remarkable difference and qualities over cotton.
As far as cotton is concerned, it was considered most light, easy to wear and best material but these days people are more practical. In all this hustle bustle we are getting less time to get ready before work. Kashibo offers a material which is wrinkle free and light. While cotton has been pressed for hours and after sitting it will get all wrinkled in a minute, kashibo will stay neat and look fresh.
It's a tightly woven, light weight polyester fabric with a sheen to it. It has a fluid drape so it looks perfect for skirts, blouses, jilbabas, abayas etc.
If we talk about its suitability according to U.A.E weather then i would recommend to not wear this material in a very hot summer day as its less breathable.

Now ill show you the stuff i ordered with a little detail about the stuff and price.
Here you go....

1. Color Block Basic Abaya

Fabric is Kashibo
Grey and Black Color Block detail
Side Pockets
A-line Silhouette
Round Neckline with a six inch button opening

All sizes available

Mentioned price is 39.99$ and after sale it's 29.99$
Buy here

2. Front open Zipper Abaya

Fabric is Crepe
Abaya is black with white and magenta stripe accent
Front opens with zipper, with slight opening at bottom
Round neckline
A-line Silhouette
Straight sleeves
Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry and warm iron if needed
We recommend a lining with this item

Its has 6 color choices, you can pick the one you like the most

This is my favourite one as its more towards sporty look and i llloveee this one 😊

Price mentioned is 44.99$ and after sale 24.99$
Buy here

3. Work wear Abaya

This abaya is great for the office and everyday wear
Shirt dress top with butterfly collar
Cuff sleeves
Ankle length
Button up from waist to neck line
Brown belt included
Loops for the belt
2 side pockets
2 pleated pockets above the chest
Flared skirt
Looks great with boots
Fabric Kashibo it is very light weight
Machine washable with like colors tumble dry do not heat
Available in seasonal colors

Mentioned price is 69.99$ and in sale 27.99$
Buy here

4. High Neck Abaya

100% polyester Kashibo
Front open jilbab Abaya with high neck collar

Mentioned price is 22.99$
Buy here

5. Floral Print Abaya

Black kashibo
Green and red floral stitching on chest and across bottom
Lace on bottom
Hidden buttons on neck for easy accessibility

This abaya is my most favourite in black colored abays i had so far. It's very graceful with a royal touch to it. I can carry it anywhere i want. Its stylish yet sleek. I love its embroidery, net lace and belt.

You can wear this belt with any way you want. On website you will see the laces on the back but i kept the laces on front so i can easily tie and style.

Price mentioned is 49.99$ and after sale 29.99$
Buy here

So this was all about this order. Its simple to order and very reliable site. They have more stuff other than abayas jilbabs. You can find trendy tunics, kids variety, men's variety, scarves, hijabs and lot more.

My Rating

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